Starting This Friday, Matt Ferguson Gives You A Second Chance To Get Hold Of His Batman, Lord Of The Rings, Doctor Who And Alien Inspired Prints With An EPIC Sale!

Last year was an awesome year for Sheffield, UK based artist and designer Matt Ferguson and this year shows no sign of slowing down. For a while Matt has teased that he will be holding an extremely limited sale consisting of artist proof’s and extra copies of his most popular prints and this Friday is the day they will drop!

The sale will include extra’s of both The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings inspired letter presses, “One Ring To Rule Them All” and “There And Back Again”, and artist proof’s of his Alien “Yin Yang” piece for Hero Complex Gallery, four full sets of his Bottleneck Gallery, Doctor Who prints and his Batman “He Stole My Balloons” and “I believe the word you’re looking for is “Aaahh” giclee’s.

Alien "Yin Yang"

A lot of these will be extremely limited, as few 1 in some cases, so it will be first come first served but to sweeten the pot further, Matt has also produced some exclusive Batman mini art cards that he will be randomly inserting into orders for free!


Here’s what artist and designer Matt Ferguson had to say on working on his Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit inspired pieces;

“I always liked the circular nature of the adventures in the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings stories, how by the end of the adventure everything is set right and the Hobbits go back home the way they came. So I found myself thinking about how that would make a good piece of art, the perfect summation of “There And Back Again”. Once the idea popped into my head it all seemed so simple, why not make it all one piece with the ring and then the different locations/events that happen on the outside of it all going round in circle. I then applied the same idea to the Hobbit but instead of using a ring I thought it would be cool to use a hexagon motif, as it reminded me of the angular aspect of Dwarf society, it also just so happened that I could fit some dwarf writing into that shape better as well. I really couldn’t believe no one had come up with a similar idea before! I love it when a plan comes together.”

Make sure you follow Matt on his TWITTER and FACEBOOK page for the on sale announcement which will be some time between 12 and 1pm GMT as well as to keep up to date with all his extraordinary Cakes and Comics artwork. Also, keep a look out on his ONLINE STORE where you will be able to pick these great prints up at a random time this Friday.

Find more of Matt’s work over at his Cakes and Comics WEBSITE where he has a whole raft of awesome geeky goodness for you to peruse!


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