“Bingo! Dino-DNA!” Chogrin Reveals Dennis Nedry’s Secret To Smuggling With This Wonderful Screen Print

Since we first became aware of Chogrin’s work when he curated Bottleneck Gallery’s “It Came From 1984″ a few months back, we have kept an eye on work he has produced. His work has a quirky, retro vibe and the colours and images he uses are punchy and vibrant.

Chogrin has just released a fantastic glow in the dark print inspired by Jurassic Park titled: “Bingo! Dino-DNA”, and it is now available to buy from his store.

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Alan Campbell Explores Change, Balance And Contradictions With “Circle”, His Latest Screen Print Series!

Alan Campbell is an artist who is always coming up with new and unique ideas to bring to print. I am always impressed with his originality and commitment experimenting with subject matter and ideas. For his latest set of releases, “Circle”,  Alan explores how we accept change with appreciation of our past without romanticism, a search for balance and a celebration of contradictions.



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UPDATED! Mondo Announce Their Latest Exciting Collectables: TOYS! Featuring “TNMT”, “The Iron Giant” And “Hitchcock”!

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that Mondo only do posters. Up to now that has mostly been the case, with the exception of a few vinyl, VHS and t-shirt releases. Regardless, whatever they turn their hands to, it pretty much turns to gold, especially for a fan like me.

It was the posters that Mondo produced that initially got me into print and art collecting and over the past couple of years that market has flourished. With more and more galleries and poster boutiques popping up it makes perfect sense for Mondo to branch out into new and untapped areas. And they have certainly done that. Mondo have today announced that they will be launching a range of fully licensed toys, initially including The Iron Giant and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mondo Iron Giant


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UPDATED! Jason Edmiston Reveals A Whole Load Of Awesome Swag And Con Exclusives For San Diego Comic Con!

With San Diego Comic Con literally just days away, we are starting to slowly get an idea of some of the great con exclusive’s and general releases that will be available. One artist who is not skimping when it comes to having a fully stocked booth this coming weekend is Jason Edmiston!

This past year, Jason has been incredibly busy producing artwork for toys and prints for various galleries and shows and will be bringing them all together when he hits booth #5015 in the illustrators section this weekend. We have collected together a selection of what you could pick up from one of the nicest and most talented guys in the industry.

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Florey Introduces Us To His Next Happy Bad Guy, And This Time He Is BIG!

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Florey is an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over ten years experience in print and corporate design as well as an integral part of Blurppy’s Poster Posse as well as producing pieces for Hero Complex Gallery.

Recently Florey produced a really cute series title “Happy Little Bad Guys” which quickly sold out over at his online store. Florey is now back with the latest evolution of the series, and he is thinking BIG, Introducing the first print in the “Happy BIG Bad Guys” series…”Happy BIG Stay Puft”!


Happy Big Stay Puft - Reg

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Hero Complex Gallery And Salvador Anguiano Become Superfriends For “75 Years of Batman” Print

With DC Comics having declared July 23rd as Batman day and San Diego Comic Con just around the corner, there has been a plethora of artists sending their creative gifts his way.
Recently Blurppy curated a week long online event of art produced by the Poster Posse celebrating Batman, within which Salvador Anguiano created a clever piece depicting Batman adorning his various cowls throughout the years. Salvador has now teamed up with Hero Complex Gallery to release the piece as a very limited edition fine art Giclee.

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Mondo Reveal 5 Villainous Vinyl’s For ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Including ‘Harley Quinn’ By Matt Taylor

This past year Mondo have been branching out from boutique poster and t-shirt designs into other areas such as rugs, ski masks and not least vinyl. Vinyl has always boasted a large number of die hard collectors and add that to Mondo’s history of producing beautiful artwork, you are bound to have a highly desirable and sublimely attractive piece of art.

In the lead up to this years San Diego Comic Con, the grandaddy of all comic cons, Mondo have just released the information of not 1, not 2, but 5 versions of limited edition Batman: The Animated Series original soundtrack vinyl records.

Harley Quinn Mondo Matt Taylor Vinyl

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Strange Kids Club Go Totally Tubular With “Turtle Kong” Their Latest Mash Up T-Shirt And Sticker Set!

What has four heads, eight arms and a gargantuan appetite for cheese, tomato sauce and sourdough? A radical, radioactive mutant named Turtle Kong! Forget the sewers-these brothers are breaking loose in one of the most “totally tubular” t-shirt releases of all time. Tomorrow, July the 17th, those cosmonauts of pop culture nostalgia, Strange Kids Club, will be releasing for pre-order their next exciting parody apparel product line, designed to give any fan a case of King Kong-sized shell shock.

Mashing up the mighty King Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strange Kids Club have revealed a limited edition, Full colour t-shirt designed by James Callahan of Barf Comics and a set of six (6) 4″ collectible Circle Jerks Stickers, inspired by some of the mightiest mutant animals this side of the sewers.

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Quiltface Studios Set To Drop Double Bill Poster For ‘The Warriors And Streets Of Fire’!

One of our favourite artists and designers here at Cult Collective is Chris Garofalo of Quiltface Studios. Not only is he great at his craft, he is a truly top bloke too.

This Wednesday, the 16th of July, at 12pm EST, Chris will be releasing his posters for The Warriors/Streets Of Fire double bill that was originally created as the event poster for Jay And Brian’s Excellent Video Store’s recent screening. Only 15  of these glow in the dark prints are left over from the event, so you better be damn quick!

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Blurppy And The Poster Posse Celebrate 75 Years Of The Bat!

Just in case we hadn’t drilled it home enough over the past few weeks, Batman hits the ripe old age of 75 this year. He doesn’t look bad for his age, does he? It must be all that Joker gas. Top it all off with Tim Burton’s Batman also hitting 25 and we have ourselves one Bat-centric year!

Poster Posse, the supremely talented troupe brought together by Blurppy, have focused this months project on celebrating the Dark Knights diamond anniversary. We have collected a selection of the pieces from last weeks 5 day long project along with links to the artists Twitter so you can tell them how ace they are! Have a look at our pics and then head on over to Blurppy for the full set!

Thomas Walker

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