Check Out Our Brand New Online Store And Exclusive “World’s Finest Tee” By Matt Ferguson!

For a little while we have been teasing that we were getting ready to release something a little extra special and we are so please to finally share it with you! What could be more special than announcing our brand new online store and our very first release? We present to you; “The World’s Finest Tee” designed by Cakes and Comics himself, Matt Ferguson!

Based on one of Matt’s classic prints, “The World’s Finest Tee” will be produced in a strictly limited edition of 100, be printed on high quality cotton t-shirts using super soft water based inks and come branded with a screen printed Cult Collective logo and size in the neckline. If you are a fan of Matt’s work, this is a must buy! Once they are gone, they are gone! Read on for more details!

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We Preview Bottleneck Gallery’s Exciting James White Solo Exhibition: ‘Celscapes’

This Friday Bottleneck Gallery will be opening up a gallery with one of the most exciting and original concepts I have ever see. And there have been a few. On Friday, August, 29th, Bottleneck Gallery will open James White (Signalnoise)’s solo exhibition, ‘Celscapes’.

A celebration of classic painted backgrounds that we were so used to seeing in t.v shows, for ‘Celscapes’ James White will take on both modern and classic film, t.v and cartoons. We are lucky enough to share a few pieces from the show. Read one for some truly beautiful preview pieces from the show!

Celscapes promo


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Witness The Ghoulish Poster Art For Upcoming Documentary, “Why Horror”?

Horror flicks are awesome, are they not? Well I think they are and growing up with a healthy dose of them has also meant anything horror related is always worth checking out. So it was quite a surprise when the horror based documentary Why Horror? crossed my path without me having any prior knowledge of it. I must be slipping in my old age. Even more surprising was the amazing art that has come out to promote it.

An interesting premise is followed up by some pretty awesome artwork. Cult Collective regular Gary Pullin has created a superb, 80’s styled poster which covers the whole gambit of horror while getting a bit of the red stuff in for good measure.



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You Don’t Need Heightened Senses To See How Cool These Tributes By Doaly To “Daredevil” And “Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For” Are!

With Marvel celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year and Daredevil scheduled to hit our screens via Netflix, Doaly has produced two cleverly stylised pieces dedicated to ‘The Man Without Fear’ himself.
In case you didn’t know, Daredevil was created in 1964 by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, not without a little input from comics legend Jack Kirby. He has enjoyed a long history of well written storylines, often with a much grittier edge.


Daredevil Doaly


Here is what Doaly had to say about his pieces:

“The basic concept for my pieces was to play with traditional eye tests as part of the new Daredevil series marketing as Daredevil/Matt Murdock is blind himself, so I thought this would be a clever nod to his unique gifts.”

Daredevil Doaly 2

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Bjorn Hurri Gives The World A Superb Look Into A Steam Punk “Star Wars” Universe

Bjorn Hurri is a pretty blooming busy bloke. When he is not knocking up some great looking artwork for games such as Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 2 and Infamous 2 he is working on his own projects, equally as cool as the ones you will have seen in the aforementioned games. Now I am not really up to speed on latest game releases, being more of a film fan myself. I find any game dalliance is purely of the retro variety. But I do recognise good art and Bjorn certainly delivers in this department. To find out a little more about this artists influences we can look here at his official bio page.

Bjorn art steam punk star wars 11

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‘Mighty Minis’ From Hero Complex Gallery Conitinues With “The Last Of Us” Inspired Piece By Craig Church!

I am not the World’s most avid gamer but there are a few titles that I have really enjoyed over the years, none more so than The Last Of Us”. “Hero Complex Gallery agree and had this to say about it: The Last of Us is more than just a video game, it’s an emotional experience that far surpasses 99% of filmed entertainment produced today, and is probably the most important video game to have come out in the last ten years. If you haven’t played the game, please do yourself a favor and go out and get a copy, you won’t be disappointed.”

We couldn’t agree more, and this probably explains why HCG have teamed up with Craig Church on “You’d Just Come After Her”, the next in HCG’s ‘Mighty Minis’ series.




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Andy Fairhurst Rounds Off His “Superhero Kids” Series With His Last Three Little Heroes

As a devoted uncle, there is nothing more heart warming than  seeing your nephews and nieces playing dress up, acting as their favourite hero. Andy Fairhurst has tapped into that sentimentality in the cutest possible way with his series, “Superhero Kids”. Last year Andrew left the series teetering at 27 in total, which you can see here. Now, partly down to his disliking of the number 27 and partly down to sheer badgering, Andy has thankfully rounded the series off to 30 with 3 brand new entries in the series! You can see all three below!


Andy Fairhurst Groot Superhero Kid

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Spoke Art Release A New Poster By Ghoulish Gary Pullin Commemorating The Cult Movies Of William Lustig

William Lustig may not be a household name like say, Steven Spielberg, but cult cinema fans will certainly be aware of his work on movies such as Maniac, Maniac Cop 1, 2, 3, Vendetta and Hit List. For a recent director’s screenings at the esteemed Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Spoke Art worked with horror fan and artist extraordinaire, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, on a stunning new limited edition print titled “The Madness of William Lustig”. The poster was created exclusively for the event and Lustig loved Gary’s take on his films. Take a look below and see how you can get hold of one!


Gary Pullin The Madness Of William Lustig Maniac Cop Spoke Art

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Red Central Customised Figures Cover A Wide Spectrum Of Awesome

I love customised things. I love the creativity behind the whole thing. The fact an artist (or group of artists) can look at a previously existing object and add their own, unique spin onto it, I find fantastic. With the success of companies like Kid Robot and their Dunny and Munny blank figure templates, it has never been easier for novices like myself to have a bash at what the professional artists do for fun and for a living. I don’t have a bash mind, because I am utterly useless at that kind of thing, but if I wanted to the option is always there! Anyway the main point of this is that it has given some nice exposure to this certain style of artwork, which in turn has brought me to the attention of the Red Central group.

Featuring among their ranks two artists who we really dig, Dan Shearn and Chad Woodward, Red Central in their own words are a bunch of Geeks. And fair play to them. In a world where the Guardians of the Galaxy movie can pick up a boat load of cash in the cinema, it’s a great time to embrace your geekiness and be proud of it.


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“Gotham Police Department” By Tim Doyle Artist Proof Sale Details

A little while ago we shared with you Tim Doyle’s collaboration with French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art  on a piece for their art project celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight; “One Year of Batman“. As promised, here are the details of Tim’s “Gotham Police Department” artist proof sale!

Tim’s copies of “Gotham Police Department” will be released through Nakatomi and marked ‘AP’, this TUESDAY 8/19/2014 at about 2pm Central Time on the Nakatomi site.

Batman Tim Doyle


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