We’re Ready To Believe That Gallery1988′s ‘Ghostbusters 30th’ Gallery, Opening This Saturday, Is Going To Be Awesome

O.K, enough teasing already! Gallery1988 have finally revealed more artwork from their ‘Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Tour’ Gallery event along with how you can get your hands on some. But it won’t be easy!

We have already seen the reveals of Joshua Budich’s and Anthony Petrie’s pieces which we revealed last week, now we can feast our eyes on works by Mike Mitchell, Nicole Gustaffson and DKNG.

Ghostbusters Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Nicole Gustaffson Ghostbusters

Nicole Gustaffson

Ghostbusters DKNGDKNG

It’s great to see Mike Mitchell dabbling in a different style and I really hope to be able to get a copy of that one. It even comes complete with a little Mike Mitchell Skully in the centre bottom left.

It all kicks off properly in New York City THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, from 7-10 PM at 69 Leonard St., near the famous firehouse from the film.

The stour kicks off in New York City this Saturday, April 19th, from 7-10 PM at 69 Leonard St., near to the famous firehouse from the movie.

As for how to get a hold of the pieces, most of the artwork will ONLY BE AVAILABLE by attending one of the galleries in-person. A very small allotment of prints has been set aside for each city, with a smaller selection at the final Comic Con stop. Gallery1988 have promised that there will be small surprises at each stop as well.

However, a special set of commemorative series of 30th Anniversary screen prints will be made available online at ghostbusters30th.com. These will be released sporadically over the next month and will include Mike Mitchell’s poster as well as prints by Phantom City Creative, Anthony Petrie, Tom Whalen, Tara McPherson, Dan Mumford, Dave Perillo, Lora Zombie, Godmachine, Rich Kelly, Mark Englert, DKNG and Joshua Budich.

If that isn’t enough, Gallery1988 also will have very small amounts of collaborative t-shirts from LRG, Johnny Cupcakes, Homage & Rebel8 at each stop.

Ghostbusters Joshua BudichJoshua Budich

Ghostbusters Anthony PetrieAnthony Petrie


The New York Ghostbusters gallery opens SATURDAY NIGHT, April 19th, with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. We will be open everyday through April 26th, from 11-7 PM. Their next stop is Gallery1988 (West) in Los Angeles on May 17th.

To keep yourself ahead of the curve, tune in to @galleries1988 on Twitter, and their Facebook page, for more sneak previews and all other information throughout the tour.

Fancy A Jock ‘Black Mirror’ Batman Screen Print? Of Course You Do!

Earlier in the week Jock teased on his Twitter that at some point before the Easter weekend he would be releasing a Batman print via his online store. Today Blurppy exclusively revealed that it will be a timed edition based on a fantastic panel for ‘The Black Mirror’ storyline written by Scott Snyder.

There will be two screen print timed editions, a purple and a black and white, both printed by the exceptional D and L and both will go on sale at some point on April 16th for 48 hours!

Jock Batman Black Mirror PurpleBatman: The Black Mirror by Jock – Purple Edition

24×36″ Screen Print

Printed by D+L Screenprinting


Jock Batman Black Mirror Black and WhiteBatman: The Black Mirror by Jock – Black and White Edition

24×36″ Screen Print

Printed by D+L Screenprinting



In my opinion ‘The Black Mirror’ is one of the best Batman storylines of the past few years and Jock’s art really captures the mood. Take a look at Jock’s original page which the screen print is taken from then go out, buy the graphic novel and read it. The hardback edition features a great back up story with art by Francesco Francavilla exploring a mystery from Jim Gordon’s past.


Batman the Black Mirror Jock Panel


Batman: The Black Mirror will go onsale at some point tomorrow, April the 16th, for 48 hours in Jock’s online store. Follow Jock on Twitter for the exact on sale announcement.


Fright Rags Team Up With Ghoulish Gary Pullin And Jason Edmiston For A Misfits Double Feature!!

Since 2003 Fright Rags have been committed to producing the best Horror inspired t-shirts and art. Working with some of the best artists from around the world, their t-shirts have become must haves for anyone remotely a fan of anything horror related.

 As fans of The Misfits and two of the best monster and horror artists out there, it only seems fitting then that Fright Rags have worked with Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Jason Edmiston to produce two amazing pieces of art, available as both t-shirts and limited edition prints, for The Misfits!


“HYBRID MOMENTS” art by Gary Pullin

Limited to 150 numbered prints, $30
7 color print on French Pop Tone Sweet Tooth #140
“MOMMY, CAN I GOT OUT AND KILL TONIGHT?” art by Jason Edmiston

Limited to 150 numbered prints, $30

8 color print on French Pop Tone Sweet Tooth #140

Both the t-shirts and prints are available to pre-order now over at Fright Rags,  and you can keep up to date with Fright Rags by checking them out on Twitter and Facebook!

Joshua Budich Celebrates Gallery1988′s 10th Anniversary With 12 New Pieces For ‘The Subtle Art Of Pop-Culture’

Yesterday Gallery 1988 kicked off their 10th anniversary celebrations with ‘The Subtle Art Of Pop-Culture’, a gallery dedicated to their 10 year history as the daddies of pop-culture inspired art. Cult Collective favourite Joshua Budich pulled out all the stops and pulled together 12 prints celebrating pop-cultures most recognisable brands!

Each print is a 5-color, 6″x6″ screen print on French 100lb Madero Beach paper and cost just $10 each. As well as being available at the gallery show, they should also be available online at some point over the weekend. JoshuaBudich_FictionalFood-Preview With #1 starting top-left and moving left to right we have: 1. “Oh, my porridge is too hot! Oh, wawawa!” (Insanity Pepper, The Simpsons) 2. “Together at Last!” (Nuts & Gum, The Simpsons) 3. “Precious Venus” (Gummi DeMilo, The Simpsons) 4. “Great twin-suns mornings start with milk!” (Bantha Milk, Star Wars) 5. “Cold banana in delicious brown treat.” (Frozen Banana, Arrested Development) 6. “Funyuns are awesome!” (Funyuns, Breaking Bad) 7. “Ahhh, Dessert.” (Chilled Monkey Brains, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) 8. “You Can’t Drink Just Six.” (Slusho, Cloverfield/Bad Robot Easter-egg) 9. “Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms up! ” (Dharma Initiative Beer, LOST) 10. “For children with very little pocket money.” (Everlasting Gobstopper, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) 11. “If you don’t eat food from this world, you’ll disappear.” (Sakuma Drops, Spirited Away) 12. “Damn fine cup of coffee.” (Black coffee & cherry pie, Twin Peaks)

For more work from ‘The Subtle Art Of Pop-Culture’, check out Gallery 1988 on Twitter. Make sure you follow Joshua Budich too for more of his work.

Matt Ferguson’s Latest Screen Print Introduces Us To The Galaxy’s Biggest A-Holes, “You’re Welcome”!

Don’t you just hate it when one of your favourite artists takes months between releasing new prints? Well thankfully that isn’t the case with Matt Ferguson, easily the U.K’s most productive pop culture artist!

Matt’s latest screen print, “You’re Welcome”, focuses on the Galaxy’s biggest A-Holes and measures in at a wall pleasing 24″x36″. This  4 colour screen print is on sale as a timed edition until 10pm of Sunday the 13th of April, so be quick and head on over to Matt’s online store now!

Matt Ferguson Guardians of the Galaxy You're WelcomeMatt Ferguson – “You’re Welcome”

Keep track of Matt Ferguson and all of his work by following him on Twitter and Facebook. Shoot over to his Website too for a gander at his whole portfolio of work.

Discover The Striking Work Of Designer Orlando Arocena

One of the best places on the web for anything pop culture related is Blurppy, and the work that their Poster Posse put out for their print projects is truly incredible and makes me wish that more of it was available to buy. Recently Blurppy and Poster Posse put together a Captain America: The Winter Soldier project, you can see the Part One and Part Two sets if you follow the links, and I was really impressed with the work of an artist I hadn’t heard of before, Orlando Arocena.

Winter Soldier Orlando Arocena

“The Winter Soldier” by Orlando Arocena

17″ x 23″ Limited Edition Giclee
Hand Signed & Numbered
Edition size : 100


WINTER SOLDIER © Orlando_Arocena_2014 FOIL

“The Winter Soldier” by Orlando Arocena

17″ x 23″ Ultra Limited Foil Edition
Hand Signed & Numbered
Edition size : 5


Orlando Arocena is aMexican-Cuban-American vector artist who has worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands while also pursuing his own artistic endeavors including working with Blurppy’s Poster Posse. Orlando has made a lot of the work that he has produced for the Poster Posse available on his website, the very awesomely monikered MexiFunk, for you to buy. This includes the Godzilla and Days of Future Past projects!


“X-Men 2014″ by Orlando Arocena

Dimensions: 17″ w x 23″ h
Edition size: 50
Hand signed: yes



“Atomic Godzilla” by Orlando Arocena

Dimensions: 17″ w x 23″ h
Edition size: 50
Hand signed: yes



What I found really enjoyable to look through was Orlando’s Behance site. Orlando keeps this page updated with all his latest work but also posts the vector process as he goes along. It’s a great way of seeing how an image is really pulled together.

Much of Orlando’s work is available to buy through his Online Store, so pop along and have a look. Also as it is Orlando’s birthday week, as a week long celebration you can also get FREE SHIPPING with the use of the code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY

Make sure you also pop along to Orlando’s Facebook page too!


Candykiller Brian Taylor’s Retro Warped Art Style And Alternative Movie Art is Awesome!

Most of the time when I am compiling these artist showcases I do it from either memories of artwork I have seen in the past or internet art which regularly flashes up on my Facebook wall or turns up on Youtube. So it makes a refreshing change when a previously unknown artist (well to me anyway) is brought to my attention. This time it was thanks to our very own Cult Collective creator James Henshaw, so I had a feeling it would be a fun one to do. My instincts were correct.

Brian Taylor (AKA Candykiller) is a Scottish artist who has taken the influences of his childhood and turned them into some pretty incredible art. The influences seem to come mostly from early Disney features from the 40’s onwards, but also Hanna Barbara and Tex Avery cartoons pop up in his work. This fun, yet slightly chaotic and anarchic style also reminds me of the underground comix book era (70’s – 80’s) with its use of bold colours and strange, sometimes even disturbing imagery not only been incredible to look at, but also truly unique.

His website store seems slightly on the bare side at the moment (with tons of stuff been sold out), but here are some of the cooler items I saw on there.

candykiller beast

Signed and Numbered ‘Beast’ Letterpress Print. Size – A4 (210mm x 297mm / 8.3in x 11.7in) . Two colour inked letterpress. Printed on Somerset off-white 300gsm 100% cotton art paper. Signed and numbered edition of 100. $20 / £12 (approx) including shipping.

candykiller clown bot

Original painting : hand-painted in acrylic on watercolour paper. Painted area 29cm x 38cm / 11.5″ x 15″. Signed in pencil on surrounding paper. $280 / £170 (approx) including shipping.

candykiller clown

Original painting : hand-painted in acrylic on watercolour paper. Painted area 27cm x 36cm / 10.5″ x 14″. Signed in pencil on surrounding paper. $280 / £180 (approx) including shipping.

candykiller jack rabbot

Original painting : hand-painted in acrylic on watercolour paper. Painted area 31cm x 38.5cm / 12″ x 15.4″. Signed in pencil on surrounding paper. $160 / £100 (approx) including shipping

candykiller fire deity

Original painting : hand-painted in acrylic on watercolour paper. Painted area 26cm x 36.5cm / 10.3″ x 14.4″. Signed in pencil on surrounding paper. $220 / £140 (approx) including shipping.

What is not in short supply though is this guy’s volume of work. He has created tons of items from figures, art prints to trading cards and plushies. Here are some of my favourites from my search on the World Wide Web.

candykiller collection candykiller comics candykiller various 1 candykiller various 2 candykiller various 3 candykiller various 4 candykiller various 5 candykiller various 6

Recently Brian has been doing some great alternative film posters, with a his recent Aliens poster selling out exceptionally quickly and becoming a huge hit over at the Candykiller Facebook page. Below is a handful of this art which will hopefully result in a full set of sci fi movie posters. (Hensh – That Blade Runner needs to be a poster soon!)

candykiller robocop candykiller thing

candykiller legend

candykiller alien candykiller blade runner

Candkiller also produced this brilliant Hellboy/ Breaking Bad crossover piece and will be featured in Hero Complex Gallery’s upcoming Hellboy 20th anniversary celebrations.

candykiller breaking bad hellboy

You can keep up to speed with all of Brian’s work via the usual social networking avenues Facebook and Twitter as well as his website. With an art style that reminds me of Ron English’s work (not sure if it is just me on this!) it smacks you straight in the face with artistic joy. Now I am hooked on Brian’s work I cannot wait to see what he creates in the near future.

As ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Swings Into Theatres, Sony, Marvel, IMAX And Mondo Team Up To Give Lucky Fans A Free Poster By Matt Taylor

British artists Matt Taylor is quickly becoming one of Mondo’s most prolific artists, and with good reason. Having produced posters for Brick, Star Trek, The Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle, Matt has shown a deft hand at turning his talents on a broad spectrum of movies.

Now Sony, Marvel, IMAX and Mondo have teamed up to deliver a brilliant poster for Amazing Spider-Man 2 as it hits theatres on May the 1st, and the best part? It’s free!

Fandango have reported that on May the 1st fans attending the first Imax showings at 7 p.m. will receive a limited-edition FANFIX print by artist Matt Taylor.  IMAX.com have a full list of participating theatres but unfortunately there don’t currently seem to be any in the U.K. In the meantime, feast your eyes!

Amazing Spider-man 2 Mondo

I am sure by now that anyone reading this already follows Mondo on Twitter, but if not, here is where you can find them. Make sure you give Matt Taylor a follow too as this guy is crazy talented!

Gallery 1988 Gear Up For ‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Roadshow With New Pieces By Joshua Budich And Anthony Petrie

Ever since Gallery 1988 announced back in January that they would be doing a Ghostbusters touring gallery celebrating the movies 30th anniversary, we have been waiting with baited breath to see what pieces will be produced for the shows. With the tour kicking off in New York on April the 19th before moving to L.A on May the 17th we have now seen two previews by Joshua Buddich and Anthony Petrie accompanying each of the events show cards as well as a comprehensive list of artists who will be contributing either artwork or t-shirt designs for the show.

Joshua Budich, one of the most humble and talented artists to emerge over the past couple of years, has produced this fantastic piece for the L.A gallery which opens May 17th at Gallery 1988′s West location and runs through until June the 1st.


Joshua was kind enough to take the time to answer a few of our questions on the piece, which impressively comes with full likeness rights by each of the key actors including the sadly departed Harold Ramis.

How did you feel when Gallery 1988 asked you to work on a Ghostbusters piece?

Ghostbusters has always been one of my favorite, and most memorable movie experiences of my childhood. I remember getting the “nod” from my parents, after they had pre-screened Ghostbusters for any questionable content, too racy or frightening for my virgin eyes. Then getting to stay up late to watch it! So, when 88 asked me to participate in this show, I of course jumped at the chance.

Your artwork is applauded and loved by fans for the character likeness and composition, how do you decide what your posters should include?

I knew going into this project that obtaining likeness sign-off from any of the actors I portrayed in the print would be a challenge. So, I had to let the composition dictate who to include, and who unfortunately had to be cut. I do this little exercise every time I create a character-based piece like this. For me, the print has to tell a story. Some parts of the film, although extremely memorable, have to be taken out.

Last year was a great one for you, where would you like this year to take you with your artwork?

Thanks so much! This year, I promised myself more personal projects. Opportunities to take more time with my work, and to reinvigorate my love for the process of creating these pieces.


Another fantastic piece created for the New York leg of the show, which opens April 119th and runs until April 26th at 69 Leonard Street, between Church and Broadway, is by Anthony Petrie and features a brilliantly detailed map of New York forming the shape of the ever familiar Proton pack.



Along with these great pieces Gallery 1988 have released a full list of artists and designers taking part in the event which will also visit Chicago between June 20th and 22nd and culminate in a spot at San Diego Comic Con in July.

As well as Joshua Budich and Anthony Petrie, other artists and designers taking part include Scott C, Mike Mitchell, Phantom City Creative, Tom Whalen, Jason Edmiston, Cuyler Smith, Dan Mumford, Gary Pullin , Rich Kelly, Dan Mumford, Godmachine, Bruce White, Chogrin, 100% Soft, Dave Perillo and many many more. We are practically drooling at the prospect of Ghostbusters pieces by any of these artists and wish we could get on over to the States for one of these shows!

To keep up to date with the gallery and new art reveals, keep tabs on Gallery 1988′s dedicated Ghostbusters 30th website and make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!

Olly Moss ‘Game Of Thrones’ Lil’ Dudes Timed Edition Prints Now Available!

As Game of Thrones season four kicks off this weekend, Olly Moss fans have a little something else to celebrate as the British graphic designer will be releasing a special set of his “lil’ dudes” to celebrate.

Over the past 18 months this “Lil’ Dudes” style that Olly has developed to show his love for both computer games and t.v series has become a real hit with the fans. Often released as timed editions his Breaking Bad and True Detective sets went into the thousands. Ever aware of the collectability of these things, Olly often produces very limited, secret prints that are thrown into random orders.

Olly Moss Game Of Thrones


All in all Olly has produced thirty different designs and each will come hand-numbered as a 5″x5″ giclee prints on textured watercolour paper using archival inks to match previous editions.

This is a timed edition and will be available until 10pm GMT Monday 7th April and will never be reprinted after that

These prints come in a full set of 30 at $250, are available separately in 5 different sets of 6 at $60, or random individual prints at $12 each and you can pick them up in his Online Store now! For more news and details of future work, keep an eye out on Olly’s Twitter feed!