“The World’s Finest Tee” By Matt Ferguson – The LAST Few Are Now Available.

“The World’s Finest Tee” by Matt Ferguson has now whisked it’s way off to the printers. A huge thanks to those of you that picked one up. We hope to have it with you in the next 4 weeks and you won’t be disappointed by this awesome tee!

There are a very limited number left in our online store and Matt Ferguson will also have some available at Thought Bubble. Once these are gone, that’s the full 100!

If you have been sat on the fence, act quickly! Now is your last chance before they are gone forever!!!

You can pick them up HERE.


Blurppy Go “Interstellar” For The Latest Project From The Poster Posse!

Poster Posse, the supremely talented troupe brought together by Blurppy, are know for their projects dedicated to producing loving pieces of art for upcoming movies or fan favourites. This month the Posse have dedicated their skills to producing posters for the upcoming movie Interstellar from former architect of the Bat-Verse, Christopher Nolan.

We have collected a selection of the pieces from the project along with links to the artists Twitter so you can tell them how ace they are! Have a peak at just a few we have picked out!

Ben Mcleod


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Streets Of Beige Enter The Crazy Realm Of Bootleg Toys With Their Next Exhibition: “Plastik Schmack”!

Those mad, rad dudes at Streets of Beige have put on some awesome gallery shows this year, you can check out a few of ‘em here. For their next gallery, SOB have turned their attention to the awesome world of bootleg toys with “Plastik Schmack!”

Streets of Beige have shared with us some of the crazy work you can expect to see at “Plastik Schmack” at the SOB Gallery in Bristol and online when the show opens this Friday, September 19th, @ 7:30pm BST.


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The Horror Art Of Matthew Therrien Will Give You The Heebies Geebies!

The name seems to have sprung out of nowhere. A few weeks ago I had never heard of Matthew Therrien, but now it seems he is all over the place. With an EC inspired comic inspired Kickstarter in the works, a Manborg comic book under his belt and producing artwork for the upcoming horror documentary Why Horror? it seems to be a really great time to be Matthew. It is also a great time for art fans, especially if you are of the horror movie variety.

You see Matthew really likes his horror movies and being a horror fan myself I can relate to that. Alas I do not possess the awesome artistic skills that Matthew has in sharing his love of horror to the world via his art. Here is a brief example of his work, but do not worry there is much more to come.

matthew therrien art halloween

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Be Devilishly Delighted By These Horrorific Retroband Action Figures By Aaron Moreno

Since the creation of sites such as Storenvy and Etsy , interest in the homemade art market has exploded with people clambering over themselves to get one of a kind pieces from non main stream artists . There have always been artists ready to create and share their pieces of art, but never has it been so easy to display and sell this art to the general public. Now Cult Collective is all about the art, so I thought it high time I focus on some of these homemade heroes and heroines that ply their trade through the virtual world of the web and through conventions. 

When I was a child growing up watching movies, I started out with the British classics like Hammer Horror, but soon enough I turned to more American styled movies. It seems Aaron Moreno watched a fair few of these movies too as his artistic creations showcase some mainstream and not so main stream movies. But what does Aaron make? Well through Retroband he creates action figures with a retro flair and style. Remember the old Star Wars figures from the 70s? Well imagine those, only modeled after characters from movies like Creepshow, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Halloween 3. In fact don’t imagine them at all, just look at the incredible selection of images below to see what I mean.

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Allow Us To Introduce ‘Benedict’s Solution': How Artist Benedict Woodhead Uses Iconic Imagery To Create Unique Portraits And Posters

Based in York, England, artist and designer Benedict Woodhead describes himself as being driven to produce work which cures his consuming and obsessive passion to redesign images from popular culture. From both his movie posters and his portraits you get the sense that Benedict’s imagination allows him to accomplish this quite easily.

For his poster designs, Benedict uses clever ideas utilising iconology from the movie he is depicting to deliver a minimal, yet effective representation of the movie. His portraits again utilise the same iconic imagery and ideas but also showcase his talent as an artist.

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Check Out The Multi Textured Art Of Gav Bansal

Here at Cult Collective, we love it when an artist gets in touch to share their work. That is exactly what London based artist and designer Gav Bansal did.

Working from hand drawn pencil sketches, Gav layers his images up with some great filters and textures, to great effect. His Big piece reminds me of one of a picture you could create with one of those felt kits you got as a kid while his Iron Man has a graffiti aesthetic. Take a look at a few of his other pieces below!

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Bid For Original ‘Batman: The Black Mirror’ Art Drawn And Donated By Jock To Help Support A Little Boy To Beat Leukaemia

In our opinion, Jock is not only one of the best artists currently working in comics but also one of the nicest. As testament to this, Jock has donated one of his original pages from the New York Times Best-selling ‘BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR‘, written by Scott Snyder, to help raise funds for the treatment of a little boy with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

The page, which you can now bid for on eBay, was originally published in DETECTIVE COMICS #871. This is Jock’s original ink on DC panel paper and is sized 11″ x 17″. An original, one of a kind example of Jock’s artwork.


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Doaly Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Pulp Fiction’ With His Latest Poster!

When I was young, there were very few films that my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch. In fact, the only film I remember specifically not being allowed to watch was Pulp Fiction. At the time I was distraught, with hindsight it was just good parenting. Even at the age of 10 I had still developed a keen interest in films and something about the marketing for the movie just grabbed me!

With Pulp Fiction reaching the grand old age of 20 this year, it is deservedly getting some artistic attention. One of our favourites so far is this great poster by Doaly! Read on for the full reveal!


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The Dark Inker Hits The Mark With His ‘Dark Tower’ Inspired Mighty Mini For Hero Complex Gallery

The Might Mini series from Hero Complex Gallery has proven quite popular since it’s launch a few weeks ago. The latest entry, by The Dark Inker- otherwise know as Brighton based artist Stephen Sampson, pays homage to Stephen King’s epic ‘The Dark Tower’ series.

“I Do Not Kill With My Gun” is now available in a very limited edition of 25 from Hero Complex Gallery. Read on for more info


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Nautilus Art Prints Return With Their Third Epic Ode To European Literature, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” By Jonathan Burton

Since bursting onto the scene earlier in the year, Belgium based Nautilus Art Prints have continued to craft and publish carefully screen printed, limited edition posters focusing on re-interpreting great moments of European popular culture. By working with carefully selected artists, based on their field of work, fame and style, Nautilus have created pieces that truly reflect our rich and broad European popular culture.

For their third poster Nautilus Art Prints have now teamed with artist Jonathan Burton to create a stunning limited edition screen printed poster for Jules Verne’s ‘20.000 Leagues Under The Sea’. This stunning poster will be on sale Monday the 15th of September. Read on for the full reveal!

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